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Apple_Fuji 1kg


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1 contain pectin,
2 inhibit the intestinal peristalsis
3 make digestive activity slow, thus inhibiting mild diarrhea

Apple's nutritional value, Each hectogram apple contain fructose 6.5 ~ 11.2 grams, 2.5 ~ 3.5 g of glucose, sucrose, 1.0 ~ 5.2 g. Also contains trace elements zinc, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and carotene.

Apple is not only rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals, such as the brain necessary nutrients, and most importantly, rich in zinc element. Zinc is a component part of many important enzymes in the human body, is the key to promote the growth and development. Zinc by enzyme widely participates in the metabolism of protein, fat and sugar. Zinc or composition is closely related to memory the essential elements of nucleic acids and proteins. Zinc deficiency can make the edge of the hippocampus brain cortex dysplasia, affecting memory, zinc and produces antibodies, improve human immunity, etc. There is a close relationship.

Apple has the lower cholesterol levels. French researchers tested concluded that eating an apple can reduce blood cholesterol levels, increase bile secretion and function of bile acid, thus can avoid precipitation formation of gallstones in biliary cholesterol. Apple also has the dual role of purge and antidiarrheal, because apple contains cellulose inside the large intestine can make waste become soft; Apples are rich in organic acids, can stimulate peristalsis, make defecate unobstructed. On the other hand, apples contain pectin, and inhibit the intestinal peristalsis, unusual make digestive activity slows, thus inhibiting mild diarrhea.

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